Marbella is one of the most prestigious cities in the south of Spain. Its evolution in the tourist sector has been always ascending and from the 60’s it gained the privilege to lodge the aristocracy, artists and the high society of the epoch, so called “Jet-Set” who were frequenting its hotels and luxurious houses.

This evolution makes of Marbella a place with a proper name on the Costa del Sol. At the moment its 140.000 inhabitants make the town thesecond most inhabited town of the province. Geographically it has peculiarities that have a different character fromother neighboring cities, as for example its well-known "microclimate". The characteristics of this "microclimate" are, warmth in winter and cool in summer due to the protection that the mount Sierra Blanca  manages to turn into a wall against the cold in winter and lets through air currents in the summer producing a pleasant well-being sensation to those who are lucky to live there. The average temperature of the year is usually of approximately 18 degrees which makes it the most comfortable to live.